The journey from farm to table is an extended supply chain which is subject to an ever expanding amount of regulation. The prevention of food safety issues is of paramount importance to the agriculture and food industries. IIS is your partner to oversee compliance with International and National Standards relevant to the industry.
Millions of agriculture and food products are traded globally every year. At IIS, we provide comprehensive inspection services that will help reduce risk, ensure receiving products with the right quantity and quality, and inspect the means of transportation to ensure suitability for loading agriculture/food products. Cargo supervision to ensure only sound cargo is loaded on board vessel holds or marine containers.
IIS has qualified inspectors in this field who have long experience both in the inspection of agriculture and food products, and an excellent knowledge of the handling and logistics procedures for these products.

IIS is capable of carrying out the following scope:-

  • Quantity determination for bulk and bagged cargo and supervision of weighing
  • Sampling using international methods, GAFTA or others
  • Analysis in third-party accredited laboratories
  • Supervision during loading or discharge
  • Timely reporting
  • Fumigation services