Millions of tons of fertilizers, ores, aggregates, and metals are traded annually, and IIS brings its technical expertise to bear to safeguard the interests of its clients. Our inspection and sampling services are tailor made to support our clients, be they buyers or sellers of high value commodities. We offer an in-depth local knowledge, coupled with the highest standards of professionalism.

  • Vessel’s hold inspection to make sure that these holds are clean and ready to receive cargo without any sign of
    contamination, or the presence of moisture. During our inspections, we also look closely at all the hatches. Ship hatches
    that are not closed, sealed and secured properly account for a high percentage of cargo defects and rejections. We make
    sure the hatches can be tightly closed before loading, and remain that way after loading. The holds and hatches should be
    watertight throughout with no leaking. Furthermore, the previous three cargoes should be known prior to loading.
  • Quantity determination by draft survey which will determine quantity loaded on board vessel at any time during and
    after completion of loading/discharge
  • Sampling, with continuous sampling, especially with materials that are not homogeneous. We obtain representative samples
    that will be used for analysis purposes and in cases of arbitration. Our sampling is carried out in accordance with
    International (ISO) Standards, or any other National Standards which may be specified by the client
  • During storage, we can continuously assess and act upon the risk of products getting mixed with other products,
    or becoming contaminated. We monitor issues like, how different products are stored; whether mutual distances
    and/or segregation measures are acceptable; and the presence, or rather non-presence, of dangerous materials
    that could cause problems.
  • Continuous supervision of loading/discharge to ensure that cargo loaded is free from lumps, wet cargo, stones or any
    other foreign materials. By doing this, our qualified inspectors ensure that the weight and/or quantity complies with
    the contract
  • Weighing Supervision, in order to minimize the commercial and physical risks during loading and unloading operations.
    To accomplish this, we offer reliable and independent weight and quantity inspections by using for example; draft
    survey, gauging, tank measurement, flow meter, calibrated weighing scales and terminal figures.