Governments have a duty to protect their citizens, and the environment, from the dangers of sub-standard goods being imported into their countries.
Our expertise helps governments, customs, and national standards organisations improve the compliance of imports with safety standards, protect import duty revenues, and secure the international supply chain. Our worldwide network of offices delivers rapid inspection and certification.
Pre shipment inspection and product conformity assessment programs support government’s endeavor to keep the public safe from harmful or low quality products. Our experienced and qualified inspectors carry out Verification of Conformity (VOC) inspections for a wide range of products covering items such as food, toys, electronics etc.
We also offer vehicle inspection services to strengthen road safety.

Our team of experts are capable of carrying out the following services:-

  • Performing physical inspection at supplying countries
  • Document verification
  • Comparison with governmental standards and regulations
  • Pricing and valuation, when required
  • Boarder documents and products verification
  • Issuing the required agreed certificate of conformity for VOC contracts