We understand the time constraints of the drilling industry and the need to ensure reliability and minimize equipment downtime.

That’s why IIS offers full API 4G derrick inspections in line with API-recommended practice.

Our qualified engineers carry out API 4G Category III & Category IV inspections, providing a complete derrick inspection and survey service to identify areas of concern and help our clients to pre-plan maintenance activity and provide a scope of work that minimizes downtime for rig servicing.

The aim of this survey is to determine the present general condition and the status of the equipment in order to foresee possible problems, defects, deficiencies and to rectify them during rig operation.

The inspection is carried out on the drilling major/critical equipments. The equipment is found in fully dismantled and semi dismantled condition.

Our Rig Inspection Cat III & CAT IV covers all Rig Parts including but not limited to:

  • Mast
  • Crown Block
  • Monkey Board
  • Substructure
  • Rotary Table
  • Travelling Block
  • Top Drive
  • Power swivel
  • Draw work &Disk Break
  • Handling Tools & Elevator Links

A report is prepared to comply with the requirements of the following documents latest editions:

  • a. API 4G
  • b. API 8B
  • c. API 9B
  • d. API 8A
  • e. API 8C
  • f. API RP7L
  • g. AWS1.1
  • h. ASME ,Section V ,Articie 7
  • i. ASME,SectionVIII,Appendix6
  • j. ASTM-E709