An ever-increasing emphasis on preventing dropped objects is spreading through the industry. It is essential to create an increased vigilance and awareness of the workplace. IIS has been constantly working to combat dropped objects incidents. In an effort to provide our clients with better and safer working environments, we have developed reporting software for Dropped Objects Surveys which is used by our inspectors to compile an inventory of all potential drops items in the work area.

We typically cover the following on a full survey, which can be specified as per the client’s instructions:

  • Derrick Structure
  • Sub-structure/Moonpool
  • Deck Cranes
  • Gantry Cranes
  • Knuckle boom Cranes
  • Travelling Equipment
  • Jack House and Legs
  • Raised Catwalks and Conveyors
  • Communication Masts
  • Fixed Third Party Equipment
  • Accommodation & Rig Compartments