IIS is an approved entity to inspect and certify lifting equipment in accordance with LEEA, LOLER, BS & European
Standards, API, or as required by other International Standards to major clients in a variety of industrial sectors including construction, oil and gas (offshore and on shore), alternative energy and public infrastructure.

Periodic inspection oof all cranes and lifting equipment, this includes but is not limited to drilling equipment & tools, pedestal and overhead cranes, ROV/Dive spreads, fixed lifting equipment, lifeboats and life raft launch and recovery systems and loose lifting equipment. We ensure that the inspected equipment is marked by our color code system using the color code tags and tie wrap .

This covers a wide range of Lifting equipment including
  • Crane Inspection, Mobile, Platform, Gantry and Crawler
  • Fork Lifts
  • Pad Eye Testing
  • Container and Storage Bin load Testing
  • Man Riding Baskets and Elevators
  • Vehicle Inspection Lifts
  • Excavators & Earth Moving Equipment
  • Trucks
  • Lifts
  • Hoist
  • Mobile Elevating Work Platform
  • Lifting Accessories Such As Sling, Shackles, Chain and Wire Rope Inspections
  • General SWL Test and Certification
  • Safety Harness and other Safety Devices Inspection
  • Manual /Power Lifting Machines Inspection.
  • Lifting Plan and supervision.

All equipment inspected is entered in to a database which conforms with LOLER 1998 and generates the certificates and reports required by relevant standards.

We also offer a web based facility to the client where they can view and print off reports online.