Neftemer MPFM is the only non-intrusive clamp-on MPFM in the market to measure unseparated three phase flow (oil, water & gas) independently. Once installed, it runs man-less with no human intervention necessary whatsoever. The MPFM works in stand-alone mode or in DCS mode & can be employed for both onshore & offshore fields. Apart from cost savings, many complexities & safety issues common to traditional well testing/metering practices are reduced or eliminated with Neftemer MPFM.

Neftemer has an established and successful installed base of at least 300 meters. Past and active projects have been carried out at offshore Malaysia, offshore Brazil, Alberta Canada, Mexico, Western Europe, Greater Ekofisk platform Norway, West Africa and the Middle East plus the Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA) in Houston, Texas project.

Key Features:

  • Being a non-intrusive MPFM, crude flow is tested at its production/line conditions.
  • Neftemer MPFM eliminates common issues of inline MPFMs such as choking, plugging and clogging.
  • The MPFM reduces the risks associated with HSE significantly by not adding any leak points.
  • The measurements are taken without conditioning the flow (i.e. without homogenization or separation).
  • There is no process interruption whatsoever. The MPFM allows for continuous well production while any job is being carried out due to its complete non-intrusive approach.
  • Neftemer MPFM gamma ray detector scans at 250 Hz.
  • The measurement philosophy combines “phase fraction & velocity measurement” & “pattern recognition” techniques with the help of advanced signal processing.
  • Wide turn-down ratio of the MPFM permits monitoring & measurement of oil and gas wells throughout their lifecycle, from peak production to declining production.
  • Being a clamp-on type MPFM, it can be installed by one or two field personnel with ease.
  • No expensive pipe work alterations are required for installation.
  • Being compact and flexible, the MPFM gets installed with ease even in limited spaces.
  • No cemented platform is required for its installation.
  • For temporary applications, the MPFM requires no truck/trailer mounting as it is easily retrofitted directly onto well flow lines even in remote locations.
  • Using alternative clamping accessories; same MPFM can be installed onto flow lines with diameters from 3 to 8 inches.
  • Neftemer MPFM – for its robust design and long service life – was selected by Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA) for world’s first subsea ROV assisted clamp-on measurement solution which was a part of Improvements to Deep Water Subsea Measurement project.
Basic operating range:

  • Crude oil density: 820-1000 kg/ m3
  • Formation water density: 1,000- 1060 kg/m3
  • Water cut: 0 to 100%
  • Gas hold up: 10% to 80%. Also up to 95% depending on well flow profile
  • Flow line diameter: 75 to 200 mm, up to 15 mm wall thickness

Metrological specifications:

Random measurement uncertainties at 95% confidence level are:

  • Relative error of liquid mass flow rate – ±5%
  • Relative error of gas volumetric flow rate – ±5%
  • Absolute error of water cut – ±5%